In Memoriam

Steve Halitsky

PhD Mathematician / Data Analyst / Statistician / Author / Holocaust Survivor

By Roxanne Halitsky (Widow) and Edward Halitsky (Son)

Mr. Steve Halitsky (1943-2014) was PhD Mathematician / Scientist / Author / Holocaust Survivor. Steve was born Wolodimir Halitsky (Володимир Галицький) on August 31, 1943 in Vinnitsa, Ukraine (Вінниця, Україна) near German "Wehrwolf" Headquarters.

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on Mother's Side
(1860 – 1943)

Steve Halitsky's Grandparents were Fyodor (Федір) and Maria (Марія). In public they converted from Judaism to Christianity and received Archangelsky (Архангельськие) family name. They also attended Orthodox Church.

In private, Fyodor and Maria spoke Yiddish, sang Jewish melodies and prepared Jewish food. They also attended secret Synagogue gatherings. Resided in Kyiv (Київ) Ukraine with 3 sons and 2 daughters:

Steve's Grandmother Yekaterina (Катерина) made positive contribution in his life.

1914: Yekaterina met George Novoseletsky (Георгій Новоселецький) from Polish Aristocratic family. The Novoseletsky clan categorically rejected this relationship.

1915: Yekaterina and George married in Kyiv. Then the Novoseletsky clan severed all ties with them.

1917: Communist Revolution. The Archangelsky clan welcomed the Communist Revolution and cut off all ties with Yekaterina and George. But Sister Maria covertly supported her Sister Yekaterina's family.

1920: Steve's mother Olga Novoseletska (Ольга Новоселецька) was born.

1922: The Bolshevik Secret Police killed Grandfather George Novoseletsky in underground torture chamber. Grandmother Yekaterina and her kids were under constant death threats from the Communists and Anti-Semites.

1923: Yekaterina moved to a small town Tulchin, Ukraine (Тульчин) in Podolia to teach in Children Orphanage. Publicly, Yekaterina's family observed Orthodox Christian customs. But in private, they spoke Yiddish, sang Jewish Orthodox prayers and prepared Jewish food. They also secretly attended the Synagogue.

1929-1933: Yekaterina's family survived artificial hunger Holodomor (Голодомор) in Ukraine. They drank vinegar to suppress hunger, ate grass, tree roots and soup from old belts. They sold all personal belongings. They also helped other people to survive.

1934: Yekaterina and her kids moved to Vinnitsa, Ukraine (Вінниця, Україна).

1937-1939: Yekaterina's closest friends were shot or sent to GULAG.

1939-1941: Steve's Mother Olga attended Vinnitsa National Pirogov Medical University (Вінницький Національний Медичний Університет ім. М.І. Пирогова) and became a prominent Pediatrician.

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In the Mouth of the Wehrwolf
(1941 – 1944)

06/22/1941: German Army advanced east to USSR.

07/19/1941: Occupation of Vinnitsa commenced. Germans began construction of the "Wehrwolf" Hitler Headquarters near Vinnitsa. GESTAPO launched campaign to eradicate Jews & Communists.

09/19/1941: First Mass Extermination of Jews. 1,000+ Vinnitsa Jewish children and adults were rounded up and killed in local forest.

10/1941-03/1944: Anti-Nazi Resistance Cell in Pirogov Hospital. The secret Anti-Nazi Resistance cell was organized and activated on 10/1941. Steve's Mother Olga actively participated in Anti-Nazi Resistance cell. She had a romantic relationship with high-ranking German Army Officer who protected the Anti-Nazi Resistance cells.

04/16/1942: Second Mass Extermination of Jews. 5,000+ Vinnitsa Jewish children and adults were rounded in sweep and killed in the local field.

06/1942: Prominent (Anti-Communist) White Guard exposed Father of Konstantin Halitsky (Steve's Official Father) as undercover Soviet Intelligence Resident in Bazaar Kalicha (Базар Каличча).  Steve's Mother Olga assisted in his suicide to avoid arrest by GESTAPO and ABWEHR.

07/1942: Germans finished Construction of Hitler's "Wehrwolf" Headquarters.

06/1943: Germans Uncovered Mass Graves of NKVD Victims. International Red Cross confirmed that Soviet Secret Police (NKVD) was the crime instigator. 9,583 victims were Jews, Poles and Ukrainians from Podolia region.

08/31/1943: Steve was born to Olga and high-ranking German Officer. Later, when the Germans left, an Elite Doctor Konstantin Halitsky (Костянтин Галицький) was registered as Steve's "Official Father."

09/13/1943: Successful Destruction of Nazi Labor Camp. This camp housed Hitler's "Wehrwolf" Headquarters construction workers. German Leadership scheduled inmate extermination on 09/14/1943. Steve's Biological Father (High-Ranking German Officer) alerted the Resistance Fighters. One day prior to camp demolition, the Resistance Fighters removed all guards and freed the inmates. Nazi and the Soviets suppressed this event.

09/19/1943: GESTAPO / SS Revenge: Third Mass Jewish Extermination: 2,000+ Vinnitsa Jewish children & adults were rounded up in local field and exterminated. Nazi and the Soviets suppressed this third mass extermination.

03/1944: Germans departed Vinnitsa. Steve's Biological Father (High-Ranking German Officer) invited his love (Olga) and their son (Steve) to Germany, but she refused. The retreating German soldiers gathered some local women (including Steve's Mother) for gang rape. But an infant Steve began to cry and scream very loudly. Ordinary people overheard the screams and saved these women.

03/20/1944: The Red Army Units entered Vinnitsa. Local Newspaper headline: "Not a single Jew alive in sight."

Mother Olga, Steve (Wolodimir) and Grandma Yekaterina Halitsky (1946)

Mother Olga, Steve (Wolodimir) at 2.5 years old and Grandma Yekaterina Halitsky (1946)

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(1943 - 1960)

Steve's Official Father was Konstantin Halitsky (Костянтин Галицький), an Elite Doctor of the Soviet Nomenclature. Entire town worshipped his "golden hands." Regrettably, Konstantin was completely missing from Steve's life.

But as Steve grew older he became disillusioned.

From one side: Konstantin adored Steve's younger sister Anastasia Halitsky (Анастасія Галицька). He called her "Daddy's Little Princess." He did everything she asked, including her homework.

Anastasia Halitsky (Анастасія Галицька) and Konstantin Halitsky (Костянтин Галицький)

Anastasia and Official Father Konstantin Halitsky

From another side: Official Father Konstantin Halitsky beat Steve brutally using 3-inch Soldier's Belt with metal buckle. Steve became a chronic stutter and was enrolled to logaoedic clinic. Konstantin also beat Steve's Mother Olga and her Sister Maria for various "transgressions." Olga ran away many times, but Konstantin always brought her back.

Steve (Wolodimir) Halitsky at 3 years old (1946), 5 years old (1948), 12 years old (1955)

Steve (Wolodimir) Halitsky at 3 years old (1946), 5 years old (1948), 12 years old (1955)

Konstantin had enormous wealth and high-level connections. Later, he orchestrated many intrigues to destroy Steve's life and career. In 1980's, when Steve researched about Konstantin's past, many witnesses "committed suicide" or died under mysterious circumstances.

On the street Steve received Death Threats and Killing Attempts. He viewed each day as a miracle from God! Slowly Steve uncovered the shocking truth: His Biological Father was a high-ranking German Officer who actively helped the Anti-Nazi Resistance. For details, view our Documentary Film: "The Brave Fighters"

Steve lived on the Kotlyarevsky Street and played with discarded WWII guns. He helped homeless Ukrainian Partisans with food. Local forest and amusements parks were built on top of Mass Graves from NKVD killings. Steve and his friends regularly uncovered skulls and personal belongings. He also participated in scaring off midnight thieves at local cemeteries.

1947: Mass Hunger In Ukraine. Steve experienced tiny rations of food. He witnessed people dying on the streets.

06/1954: Great-Aunt Maria Archangelsky was Steve's Guardian Angel, in strong health. But suddenly in 1954 Maria's health deteriorated and she died from Cancer.

1950-56: Elementary & Middle Classes in Vinnitsa High School #4. Soviet Authorities and fellow classmates were hostile and unfriendly to Steve. Some teachers lowered his grades to "C" or "F" for correct answers. They refused to respond to his questions. They labeled him as "lazy", "disruptive" and "uncontrollable." Later Steve discovered why they treated him this way. They despised Steve because he was a son of a German Officer.

Halitsky Family with Anastasia (Анастасія Галицька), Konstantin, Grandma Yekaterina, Steve and Mother Olga (1958)

Anastasia, Konstantin, Grandma Yekaterina, Steve (Wolodimir) and Mother Olga (1958)

1956-1958: Wehrwolf Headquarters. Steve's parents purchased his first bicycle. He traveled with friends everywhere, up to 10 miles from his house. Steve visited Kolo-Michai'lovka (Коло-Михайлівка) village, 6 miles north of Vinnitsa. He played in Hitler's old Wehrwolf Headquarters, tunnels and bunkers. Steve and friends collected discarded weapons and kept them as prized "toys."

10/1956: Vinnitsa High School #4 building was in complete ruins. Southwest Railroad (SW R.R.) Headquarters moved from Vinnitsa to Kyiv. Vinnitsa Pedagogical Institute (VPI) moved into the old SW R.R. headquarters building. Old VPI building was vacant for 1 day only! That morning Director of Vinnitsa High School #4 gathered all 800 students and said: "Do you want to leave this (expletive) hole for good? Do you want to study as decent people? Let us move EVERYTHING now!"

All 800+ students/teachers/staff grabbed school desks/chairs/bookshelves and, one by one, as an army of ants, moved everything to old VPI building 1-mile uphill. The following day classes resumed at 7:00 AM at the new location.

1957: Steve organized Youth Space Research Center on Kotlyarevsky Street. His Center won 3rd Place in Ukraine's Competition of "Young Astronauts." Steve won several Local / State Mathematics and Physics Olympiads. Then, the Soviet Authorities, Teachers and classmates completely changed their attitude toward Steve!

Steve (Wolodimir) Young Astronauts Certificate (1958)

Steve (Wolodimir) "Young Astronaut" Certificate (1958)

06/1960: Steve graduate from Vinnitsa High School #4. He passed all 10 final exams with Honors. But he received a single "B" for Russian Literature for refusing to glorify Communist Party. Steve was awarded High School Silver Medal for exceptional achievements.

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Getting Through

Moscow PhysTech (Московський  Фізико-Технічний Інститут)

Moscow PhysTech
(Московський Фізико-Технічний Інститут)

07/1960: Steve successfully passed all 6 entry exams and enrolled in PhysTech: Moscow Physics-Technical Institute (Московський Фізико-Технічний Інститут).

Most PhysTech Faculty members were extremely antagonistic to Steve. Many students were hostile and some were physically abusive. Math Department Staff was cold but fair and honest.

Steve was assigned to Advanced English Study (AES) group. The Curriculum was Advanced Cambridge-Level English. Steve's AES Professor was a Foreign Affairs Ministry (KGB) translator. She was very antagonistic and tried to fail him. But in the end, Steve was able to finish the course and escape from her clutches.

Later, Steve realized that PhysTech Faculty treated him this way because they knew he was son of a high-ranking German Officer.

Mother Olga, Sister Anastasia, Official Father Konstantin, Steve (Wolodimir) Halitsky and Grandmother Yekaterina

Mother Olga, Sister Anastasia, Official Father Konstantin,
Steve (Wolodimir) Halitsky and Grandmother Yekaterina

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Dangerous Liason
(01/1963 – 10/1963)

01/05/1963: Steve met Veronika Bugayev (Вероніка Бугаєва), the daughter of Victor Anton Bugayev (Віктор Антон Бугаєв).

Victor Anton Bugayev (Віктор Антон Бугаєв)

Victor Anton Bugayev
(Віктор Антон Бугаєв)

Victor Anton Bugayev was a world famous scientist; Chairman of Meteorology & Geophysics in Soviet Union. Co-Chairman of Soviet Space Research Program. Close friend of PhysTech President, O. Belotzerkovsky (О. Білоцерковський). Connected to top echelons of KGB, Soviet Police. Served in Uzbekistan Nomenclature.

07-08/1963: Steve was planning to marry Veronika and decided to present her to his parents. In Summer 1963, Steve, Veronika and her friends visited Vinnitsa for vacation. Steve's Official Father Konstantin Halitsky initiated a smearing campaign against Veronika. He convinced all of Steve's relatives to participate in this operation. Steve became disillusioned, depressed and 2 weeks later broke up with Veronika.

At the end of August, Steve met new neighbor Svetlana. She made a great impression on him: beautiful, intelligent and honest girl. A few days later, Steve returned to PhysTech.

10/1963: Steve received a letter from his sister Anastasia Halitsky: Svetlana has committed "suicide." Svetlana's Mother wrote letter to PhysTech President O. Belotzerkovsky (Білоцерковський) accusing Steve of Svetlana's death. She threatened to "cut him with an axe on the first meeting." Steve decided to clear his name and meet with Svetlana's Mother.

Unfortunately, he did not have any money. Steve hid inside the train without ticket for ~700 miles to Vinnitsa. When Steve arrived, his Parents immediately placed him on 24-hour house arrest. When they left the house, Steve climbed through a small bathroom window and met with Svetlana's mother.

After a long discussion, she said: "Official autopsy revealed that Svetlana was still a virgin. She did not leave a suicide note! I believe you are innocent. Someone forced me to sign an accusation letter against you. But I am cannot tell you who it was."

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In the Merciless Grip

Steve (Wolodimir) Halitsky, 23 years old (1966)

Steve (Wolodimir) Halitsky, 23 years old (1966)

05/17/1966: PhysTech Faculty scheduled Steve to present his B.S. research to State Examination Board (SEB) at the end of May. But on the morning of 05/17/1966, PhysTech Faculty demanded Steve to make the presentation or face expulsion from the Institute. Steve ran to his Scientific Director A. Butkovsky (Бутковський) office and grabbed B.S. Research documents.

Steve asked his fellow students to help with posters to prepare for his B.S. Research presentation. For some reason, Steve's Scientific Director A. Butkovsky & two Reviewers did not attend and remained at their offices across the hall.

Alexander Lerner (Александр Яковлевич Лернер)

Alexander Lerner
(Александр Яковлевич Лернер)

Alexander Lerner (Александр Яковлевич Лернер) Jewish, born in Vinnitsa. Mr. Lerner, A. Butkovsky's Supervisor, certified Steve Halitsky's B.S. Presentation. Steve made precise and accurate B.S. Research presentation on "Analysis and Optimization of Multivariate Hierarchical Systems."

During SEB session, Alex Lerner stated that Steve's B.S. Presentation "did not deserve positive evaluation."

After one hour, SEB Secretary declared verdicts: Everyone was graded "Excellent" to "Good", but Steve "Failed."

In 1966, most of the scientific works in CPI were devoted to mechanical and radio engineering problems:

Now, the opposite is true. In 2010, CPI projects classifications:

06/1966: During PhysTech Job Fair, each student was offered a job at Science & Research Facilities. After 5 hours wait, Steve was called last. The PhysTech Chairman said that Steve must find work by himself.

During next month, without Moscow Residency Permit, Steve was searching for a job in vain. Later he received a Technician job at Radio-Research Plant in Moscow Suburbs.

Many years later, Steve discovered that his Official Father Konstantin Halitsky and Alexander Lerner knew each other very well. Alexander Lerner was his Former Patient. And Konstantin Halitsky has been destroying Steve's life.

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Collecting the Pieces
(1966 – 1969)

The State Examination Board's (SEB) decision had shaken Steve to the core. He lost trust in Scientific Director A. Butkovsky (Бутковський). Steve plunged to the bottom of emotional and psychological depression. His Mother & Official Father blamed him for everything. They told Steve that he would fail in Moscow and should return to Vinnitsa and study at local Polytechnic Institute. During these difficult times, Steve's Grandmother Yekaterina supported him.

Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM) (Московский  Институт Электроники и Математики НИУ ВШЭ, МИЭМ)

Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM)
(Московский Институт Электроники и Математики НИУ ВШЭ, МИЭМ)

08/1966- 10/1969: Steve lived at Student Housing in Fryazino, Russia (Фрязино) and traveled 45 km (25 miles) to Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM) (Московский Институт Электроники и Математики НИУ ВШЭ, МИЭМ). He worked as a Technician and at night prepared for new B.S. Presentation. Steve was shocked by the professionalism and respect from MIEM Personnel & Management. He resolved several difficult technological & scientific problems for MIEM. Then, Steve presented his B.S. Degree with Honors in new field: "Physics and Electronics."

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Returning with Full Force
(1969 – 1979)

Cybernetics Institute (CI) of Ukraine Science Academy (Інститут  кібернетики імені В. М. Глушкова НАН України)

Cybernetics Institute (CI) of Ukraine Science Academy
Інститут кібернетики імені В. М. Глушкова НАН України

Steve passed postgraduate exams in Cybernetics Institute (CI) of Ukraine Science Academy (Інститут кібернетики імені В. М. Глушкова НАН України). He published many articles in Scientific Journals and created & implemented new methods for multi-dimensional system analysis. Steve made several Presentations on Control Systems / Applied Math Conferences.

On Conferences, PhysTech Alumnae publicly labeled him as "immoral person" and "scum." Steve prepared M.S. dissertation at the end of postgraduate studies. The CI Management delayed his presentation for 3 years without reason. Then CI Management demanded Steve conduct his M.S. Presentation outside CI. After this, Steve worked on various scientific projects for CI.

1974: Steve discovered new and efficient methods of analysis of multi-dimensional dynamic systems: "Theta Criteria." Steve published his results in Scientific Journals and presented them on Applied Mathematics Congresses and Conferences.

Steve Halitsky presenting Theta Criteria results on Applied Methematics Soviet Conference (1975)

Steve Halitsky presenting Theta Criteria results on Applied Methematics Soviet Conference (1975)

08/1974: Steve's "Guardian Angel" Grandmother Yekaterina died. After her death, Steve's Official Father Konstantin Halitsky took total control of Steve's Mother Olga.

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We (Steve & Roxanne) were Married

Steve and Roxanne Halitsky Wedding (July 8, 1975)

Steve and Roxanne Halitsky Wedding
(July 8, 1975)

07/1975: I, Roxanne Halitsky (Maiden Name: Bedzyk / Оксана Бедзик) am daughter of prominent Soviet Writer Yuri Bedzyk (Юрій Бедзик). On July 8, 1975 Steve and I were married. I took Steve's last name Halitsky. We both moved-in with my Grandparents Dmitro (Дмитро Бедзик) and Martha Bedzyk (Марта Бедзик) in Soviet Elites' Condominium Building.

04/1976: Our first son Andre Galitsky (Андрій) was born.

Steve and Roxanne Halitsky with <strong>Andre Galitsky</strong>

Steve and Roxanne Halitsky with son Andre (Андрій) (1976)

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Our Relatives Colluded Against Our Family
(1978 - 1991)

Roxanne's Grandather Dmitro Bedzyk (Юрій Бедзик)

Dmitro Bedzyk (Дмитро Бедзик)

My (Roxanne) Grandfather Dmitro Bedzyk (Дмитро Бедзик):

Roxanne's Father Yuri Bedzyk

Yuri Bedzyk (Юрій Бедзик)

My (Roxanne) Father Yuri Bedzyk (Юрій Бедзик):

Margarita Gontareva (Маргарита Гонтарева)

Margarita Gontareva (Маргарита Гонтарева)

My (Roxanne) Mother Margarita Gontareva (Маргарита Гонтарева)

Martha Bedzyk (Марта Бедзик)

Martha Bedzyk (Марта Бедзик)

My (Roxanne) Grandmother Martha Bedzyk (Марта Бедзик):

Lydmila Suhonyuk Bedzyk (Людмила Суханюк Бедзик)

Roxanne's Step-Mother Lydmila Suhonyuk Bedzyk
(Людмила Суханюк Бедзик)

My (Roxanne) Step-Mother Lydmila Suhonyuk Bedzyk (Людмила Суханюк Бедзик)

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War Against Our Family
(1975 – 1985)

Lydmila Suhonyuk Bedzyk (Людмила Суханюк Бедзик) Threatened Our Family

Dmitro Bedzyk and Yuri Bedzyk squeezed Steve from Cybernetics Institute

Dmitro Bedzyk & Yuri Bedzyk officially complained to Communist Party Officials (CPSU) labeling Steve Halitsky as "Enemy of the Socialist State and its people"

Dmitro Bedzyk and Yuri Bedzyk Excluded me (Roxanne) from their enormous inheritance

Dmitro Bedzyk and Yuri Bedzyk were extremely angry with Steve

Yuri Bedzyk Bribed Our Relatives

Anastasia Halitsky

Anastasia Halitsky

Valeria Gontareva (Валерія Гонтарева)

Roxanne's Sister-in-Law Valeria Gontareva (Валерія Гонтарева)
Former Chairwoman of the National Bank of Ukraine

Lydmila Suhonyuk and Yuri Bedzyk Smear Campaign Against Us
(1980 - 1982)

Olga Halitsky and Konstantin Halitsky (1980)

Olga Halitsky and Konstantin Halitsky (1980)

Provocation with Anti-Brezhnev Photos

Provocation with Anti-Soviet Materials

Dmitro Bedzyk & Yuri Bedzyk used their connections to fire Steve from his job

Steve was the sole-breadwinner of our family. National Transport University (НТУ Національний Транспортний Університет) President was a close-friend of my Dmitro Bedzyk & Yuri Bedzyk:

Dmitro Bedzyk & Yuri Bedzyk Blocked Steve's Re-Enrollment In Cybernetics Institute

Steve Halitsky (1978)

Steve Halitsky

Wolodimir Skurikhin<br />(Володимир Скурихін)

Wolodimir Skurikhin
(Володимир Скурихін)

Wolodimir Sherbitskiy (Володимир Васильович Щербицький)

Wolodimir Sherbitskiy
(Володимир Васильович Щербицький)

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Standing Up for Moral Values
(1980 – 1984)

National Transport University in Kyiv

National Transport University, Kyiv

01/1980: Steve passed enrollment tests as Applied Mathematics Lecturer in National Transport University in Kyiv (НТУ Національний Транспортний Університет).

03/1980: Steve was extremely popular among students. He had people skip their other classes to hear his seminar.

03/1980: Our second son Edward Halitsky (Ігор) was born.

Roxanne Halitsky with son Andre (Андрій) and Edward (Ігор) (1982

Roxanne Halitsky with son Andre (Андрій) and Edward (Ігор) (1982)

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Dynamic Period
(1984 – 1988)

Steve continued with Scientific Research:

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Chernobyl Disaster

Chernobyl Disaster and Post-Chernobyl Parade

Chernobyl Disaster and Post-Chernobyl "First of May" Parade

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Carrying the Torch of Democracy
(1988 – 1991)

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Escape to Freedom
(1989 - 1991)

11/1989: Steve stood in line for 5 hours in snow blizzard at U.S. Embassy (Moscow) to file Political Refugee Asylum Application.

07/1990: Our Family was called into U.S. Embassy (Moscow):

07/1990 - 09/1991: International Rescue Committee (IRC) approved $3,600 loan for our Family's Airline Tickets to Chicago, IL USA

09/21/1991: Departure to Moscow:

09/24/1991: Our Family arrived to Chicago O'Hare Airport with $50 in cash. We were grateful to land safely.

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America, America
(1991 – 2014)

1998: We repaid the International Rescue Committee loan.
1999: Passed U.S. Citizenship tests and interviews.
2000: Granted U.S. Citizenship and cast our first votes.

2004: Chicago Jewish Organizations certified Steve as a "Holocaust Survivor."
2005: Steve established a multi-national group for researching Anti-Nazi Resistance and Holocaust in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

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Theta Criteria: Multivariate Analysis

In 1974, Steve developed and verified new and efficient methods of analysis of multi-dimensional dynamic systems. These methods are for Aircraft Engine Failure Identification, Medical Applications, Financial Problems Analysis and IED Identification.

1996: Steve joined several U.S. Mathematical Societies

1996-2010: Steve presented his results on several Applied Mathematics Congresses and Conferences.

Steve Halitsky's Theta Criteria presentation on Scientific Conference (6/4/1998)

Steve Halitsky's Theta Criteria presentation on Scientific Conference (6/4/1998)

2003: Established "Theta Criteria" research business
2005: Steve and Theta Criteria business were included in "Marquis Who's Who in Business and Finance."

Steve Halitsky's Marquis Who's Who in the World Certificate (2005)

Steve Halitsky's Marquis Who's Who in the World Certificate (2005)

2010: Steve and son Edward Halitsky co-authored the book: "Theta Criteria: Multivariate Analysis"

Theta Criteria: Multivariate Analysis: By Steve Halitsky and Edward Halitsky (including Open Source Edition with Matlab Code)

Theta Criteria: By Steve Halitsky and Edward Halitsky

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The Brave Fighters: Anti-Nazi Resistance Fighters near Hitler's Wehrwolf Ukrainian Headquarters

2010: Our Family of 3 (Steve, Roxanne and Edward) created "The Brave Fighters" WWII Documentary Film about Anti-Nazi Resistance Fighters in Ukraine. 135,000 people from 100+ countries have viewed our film on YouTube, Amazon Prime, Vimeo and DVD. View "The Brave Fighters" film (free).

The Brave Fighters: WWII Anti-Nazi Resistance Near Hitler's Headquarters (Free Full Movie)

The Brave Fighters: WWII Anti-Nazi Resistance Near Hitler's Headquarters

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Son Andre Galitsky betrayed our Family

In 1970's and 1980's, my (Roxanne) Father Yuri Bedzyk (Юрій Бедзик), his Official Wife Lydmila Suhonyuk Bedzyk (Людмила Суханюк Бедзик) and my Mother Margarita Gontareva (Маргарита Гонтарева) nearly imprisoned Steve & me with false accusations to the Soviet Authorities.

For many years, we cautioned our children Andre Galitsky (Андрій Галицький) & Edward to distrust those people. Then, at ~12 years old, Andre's attitude changed negatively. Several times, he was telling me (Edward): "Do not believe our parents. KGB was not harassing them. They are lying!"

Later, a valuable source told us: "Yuri Bedzyk secretly met with your son Andre many times." Let us remind you: Several times back in 1970's and 1980's, Yuri Bedzyk and his Third-Wife Lydmila Suhonyuk Bedzyk nearly imprisoned us (Steve & Roxanne) on false accusations. In the end, I (Roxanne), Daughter and Granddaughter of two prominent rich Soviet Writers received zero from their enormous inheritance. But Third-Wife Lydmila Suhonyuk Bedzyk received everything!

1991-2000: In United States, Andre Galitsky gave us a lot of bad advice that brought enormous financial & psychological damage to our Family. In 2014, a few days after Steve passed away, I (Roxanne) asked my son Andre Galitsky: "Your Father trusted you completely. Why did you give him a lot of bad advice?" Andre Galitsky coldly responded: "He should not have listened."

1998: Our son Andre Galitsky became a Naturalized U.S. Citizen. But at the last minute, he broke his promise to change "Galitsky" last name spelling to match our "Halitsky" name (Parents and Brother).

Jennifer Galitsky (Smith), Andre Galitsky and their Daughter

Jennifer Galitsky (Smith), Andre Galitsky and their Daughter

1999: Andre Galitsky met his future-wife Jennifer Smith.

03/2000: Andre Galitsky & Jennifer Smith decided to get married without asking us (Steve & Roxanne) for a blessing. Nevertheless, we promised to attend the Wedding Ceremony on Labor Day 2000.

09/2000: Andre Galitsky refused my (Edward's) offer to be his "Best Man." Instead, Andre chose his friend Reuben Remigio. Andre Galitsky did not reserve a Hotel Room for us (Parents and Brother). During busy Labor Day weekend we found the closest available hotel 50 miles away. We drove 400 miles from Chicago to Minneapolis. We asked Andre and his future Father-in-Law Dennis Smith to provide directions to the Wedding Ceremony Restaurant by phone, but they did not help. We were running 45 minutes late and asked Andre to postpone the Wedding Ceremony, but he refused: "There are many important people here. They will not wait for some persons!"

When we arrived to the Restaurant, Galitsky Wedding Ceremony has already concluded. All of the Wedding Guests were openly hostile and negative towards us.

2006-2007: Several times, Andre Galitsky and Jennifer Galitsky visited Grandfather Yuri Bedzyk (Юрій Бедзик), Official Wife Lydmila Suhonyuk Bedzyk (Людмила Суханюк Бедзик) and Grandmother Margarita Gontareva (Маргарита Гонтарева) in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 2008, Yuri Bedzyk died from pancreatic cancer. Later, we learned that Yuri Bedzyk left his enormous inheritance to Third-Wife Lydmila Suhonyuk Bedzyk and some portion to Grandson Andre Galitsky. But he did not leave a single cent to me (his Daughter) Roxanne!

In 2012, we moved from Chicago to Boston. But in August 2013, Steve became ill and fell into a coma. Massachusetts General Hospital Doctors performed a successful brain surgery and removed a tumor. We (Roxanne & Edward) visited Steve in Mass General Hospital everyday 7 days a week.

I (Roxanne) called my first-born son Andre Galitsky (living in Virginia) about his Father's illness. During this time, Andre Galitsky and Jennifer Galitsky Family lived in 5-bedroom house valued $329,000+ (Source: "Richmond Times Dispatch"). In September 2013, Andre Galitsky purchased 4 acres of empty land for $18,000 (Source: "The Central Virginian"). That same month we begged Andre to co-sign a small Massachusetts apartment and help his Father recover at home. Our Family was going through temporary financial hardship. But Andre Galitsky categorically refused to help us, claiming he did not have any money and would lose Government Security Clearance. After 5 months in Boston Rehabilitation Center, Steve's condition worsened due to overmedication and bad treatment plan.

Andre Galitsky invited our Family into his 5-Bedroom Virginia Home. He promised that his entire Family want to help Father Steve recover. We believed all of Andre's promises.

From Day One, Jennifer Galitsky (a Registered Nurse) insisted on taking total control of Steve's recovery (preparing his "special meals" and provide medications). We believed that Jennifer wanted to help Steve.

After 1 week, his condition was improving. Steve had positive attitude and good spirits. Under Jennifer Galitsky's care, Steve fell into a coma. We demanded to move Steve into Hospital Emergency Room. But Jennifer & Andre Galitsky screamed at us: "You can't do this! It's against Hospice Care rules!" But I (Edward) refused to listen and dispatched an ambulance to take Steve to the Hospital Emergency Room. The Doctors swiftly recovered Steve from coma. His condition was slowly improving.

At the Doctor/Family Meeting, Andre Galitsky refused to take his Father Steve back home, claiming he would "infect" their children. We (Roxanne & Edward) were in complete shock! We did not have an apartment in Virginia. We asked Andre to co-sign a small apartment not far from his house. But Andre Galitsky only agreed to rent us $600/month apartment far away from his home in a Crime-ridden Drug-infested area. We refused.

Next day, Andre Galitsky and Jennifer Galitsky took away all car keys. We were stranded! There was no bus or train service. We could not visit our ailing Steve at the Hospital! But for some reason, Andre Galitsky and Jennifer Galitsky spent the following 3 nights at the Hospital with Steve.

On the 4th morning, Andre Galitsky and Jennifer Galitsky picked us up from their home for "some emergency" at the Hospital. When we arrived, Steve was in coma again (nearly dead). 30 minutes later, Steve passed away. We were crying constantly. But Andre Galitsky and Jennifer Galitsky sat silently in the corner, not shedding a single tear!

Andre Galitsky refused to organize
a Memorial Service for his Father

Andre Galitsky said: "Nobody knew my Father in the Church! Also, I don't have any money. "

According to Public Records, Jennifer & Andre Galitsky purchased 4 acres of empty land ($18,000) in September 2013 but claimed they didn't have any money to help us.

Andre Galitsky paid ~$1,500 to cremate his Father. But when it was time to pick up the ashes, he refused to accompany us claiming: "I am too busy with work." We (Roxanne and Edward) picked up the ashes ourselves.

6 weeks later, Andre Galitsky and Jennifer Galitsky decided to evict us from their home without reason. But we did not have a car or an apartment to go to. Andre Galitsky agreed to pay for 3 months Airbnb Studio Apartment in Massachusetts suburb. Then, he ended all financial assistance.

In 2016, Andre and Jennifer Galitsky purchased a larger home for $574,500 in Warrenton, VA. (Source: "Fauquier Now")

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On February 16, 2014 at ~9 AM EST, Steve Halitsky passed away at Memorial Regional Medical Center (Mechanicsville, VA).

After Andre Galitsky betrayed our Family, we terminated all contacts with him.

Now Andre Galitsky is "dead" to us. I (Roxanne) have only one son. I (Edward) do not have a brother.

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